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targeted investment and services showcases for FreePorts across the UK
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Humber FreePort Website 2021

The new Free Port for profitable investment with tax incentives covering the Humber & North-East.

If interested in a partnership to develop this domain into a commercial directory or service targeting freeport services, call now.
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Businesses of interest would include developers and those offering professional services to or within the Freeport areas on the East Coast.

Development ideas that we are considering include offering competing FreePorts and businesses space across a range of websites to market their services. Tees Valley developers for example may be interested in highlighting their offers to potential investors.

.. as a stand alone brand Humber attracts targeted customers with prefect market alignment.

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The nearby Teesside/ Tees Valley Freeport is quickly developing and is a major competitor to Humber Freeport

Freeports are being developed across the UK and there is already competition for inward investment. The Tees Valley Freeport is probably the biggest Free Port with large Tax and Custom Zones. As a major competitor to the Humber Freeport, we also welcome business partners from the Newcastle area.

Tees Valley has received strong local backing and with fast action by local businesses, it could turn out to be the central investment for the North East creating in the region of 18k jobs. It has quickly grasped the demands of a FreePort and is probably more advanced than other areas that were awarded the FreePort status. Some companies involved in the application process for other Freeport areas were clearly caught by surprise when their applications succeeded and are already behind in the race for new investment.